With the formation of republique-racing merged together our brands which are known under the label MAX more than 25 years with expertise in the fields of motorcycle and mountain bike components to share experiences from racing.

Through pioneering developments worldwide, the commitment in racing and cooperation with renowned manufacturers, teams and drivers we were able to establish successfully very early the "front row".

The successful racing motorcyclists John Kocinski and Frankie Chili, were confident that we co-developed and commercially placed parts and components successfully. Numerous developments in mountain biking and the downhill sector led quickly to ensure that our products have been bestsellers. With our components, our experience and support the drivers Markus Klaus Mann and Christian Taillefer managed to claim a place in the top of the world - some of the top pilots in the last few decades, with components and support of MAX.

It is our philosophy not only to put our attention to the attractive and well-known design of MAX, but also on the intended use of the components. The materials used, the applied technologies and the production processes are "state of the art".

Our innovative machinery has been continuously expanded over time and is starting in 2010 to be attached directly to us. The education and training of our employees has always been a very great value to us.

For over a quarter century we produce special parts and components for the motorcycle and mountain bike scene, which were meanwhile added to products for the Porsche GT3 Track Day customers.

The successes in recent years and the enthusiasm of the entire republique-racing-teams are the guarantee for an internal competition that will result in future to further innovative developments.
The brands and designs route 9, stage 2, x-rage, custom RR, scooter club, steelrod, MAX, Millerergal and pleasurparts are our trademarks and are exclusively manufactured by us and distributed worldwide. The "genetic code" of our products and MAX are the hallmarks of our trademark - from the beginning.

The production of high-strength ERGAL bolts and parts made of special materials is still an integral part of the new republique-racing group.

Youngest child of our successful product development are OEM motorcycle and after-market license-plate-holders. We would not be the team of republique-racing, if we did not already have the world's most diverse range of models - typically MAX.

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