Customizing and tuning

Customizing and tuning is the adjustment of a serial product into a customized product for the consumer. Tuning is the individual change to improve performance and / or chassis improvements for vehicles with consideration of different ideas and style of the starting materials and fabrication manner.

For lovers of customizing and tuning it is a popular hobby that has actually already fan character. Everyone knows everyone in the scene; there are forums, clubs, fairs and shows. Some tuning enthusiasts spend more time with the bike, than with his partner. These are our favorite customers. Bikers for who there is no torment to spend lots of time with your magnificent work are open to customization and therefore nothing can bring them to rest and they only have one goal: the next season and the next project!

There are also bikers who give their favorite piece to the "Customizer of their confidence" or next door to the garage. It's not that bad if someone cannot or even want to screw on his bike himself, no matter if it is for reasons of time or because it lacks of the necessary tools and the necessary expertise. Everyone should assess prior to the planned conversion itself to which category he belongs: Do I trust myself to alteration or do I torture myself and don’t get it out as good and beautiful as the pros? A well-equipped garage with every tool to dissect and rebuild the own bike is in addition to the expertise an important prerequisite.

Icons indicate the conditions for successful management of our components and conversion article. Anyone can immediately recognize the difficulty and requirements - a prerequisite for a successful customization and tuning.


Materials and Processing

A widely used material is aluminum. By the use of aluminum components we manufacture for any purpose the specifically intended alloy, for high strength components we prefer ERGAL 7075 T6 known in the aerospace industry. What is "good enough" for an Airbus 380, is suitable under certain circumstances as a material on bikes. Special and especially unique smart manufacturing processes are a big plus for us, because it is benefiting the component and the final product on the bike and for that reason his proud owner.

Composite materials we use for a long time where making the application and design requirements for the combination of most different materials for a finished product required. Virtually no other manufacturer uses for a single product as much coordinated materials as we do. By doing this, each individual constructed part has not only been made with great passion but also with the greatest expertise.

Also with titanium the CNC machines have no problems, because specific nitrogen coolings can deal with that.

Stainless steel and steel are designed for customizing to be the concomitantly materials and components to be like all the other components for the mechanical production of the coating whether electrically or chemically processed to final products.

Laser cutting is done on modern CNC machines, leaving nothing to chance. The CO2 laser procedures we are using to produce complex shapes and forms for a couple of years. We use focused high power laser and Nd: YAG laser.

It doesn't matter whether standard turning parts of our machines or high precision turned parts of modern CNC machines our production range of turned parts has almost no limits. Using a special method of thread manufacture for our ERGAL screws, we have the hang of it. Through the unequal process become the single flanks in our screws the powers uniformly on all thread flanks and not only at particular points distributes. This is unique and costly, but in the result the best result.

On a multi-axle machining center miracles are milled. Whether serial parts with highly innovative fixtures and manufacturing processes or components with complex 3D contour. Thanks to modern control systems we speak straight. In order not to disturb the prototype, we use individual production cells for the production part machining.

Low-weight aluminum parts are usually subjected to a very time-consuming pre-treatment in so-called "Rommeln" a continuous surface finishing. However, the gloss is not the focus of this unique procedure applied by us, but the surface density and thus the stability of the component. The unique finish of our anodised parts is a hallmark of our aluminum screws and parts.

Fine aluminum parts are anodized in accordance with the generally pre-selection. The anodizing process is a surface treatment by anodic oxidation and however, far from being just a pure surface but is now conspicuous by a large variety of colors.

Plastic coatings with epoxy permanently running prepared by us external and above all quality procedures. This leads to a significant appreciation and also there are the appearance sakes. The so-called powder coatings are characterized mainly by extremely durable and impact- and scratch-resistant surfaces. By doing this the components are resistant to environment influences such as salt and UV rays. 

The environmental friendliness is playing an essential role in this process as well as in our planning and will be applied and already taken into account preferred during design and construction.

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